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Simplifying Your Payroll Processes

Money-Saving Solutions for Your Start-Up Company

If you are looking for cost-effective payroll administration and workers' compensation coverage for your small or start-up construction company, choose Contractors Payroll Services to fit your company's needs.

Our experts understand the construction industry and can work for you even if you have just 1 or 2 employees.
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Payroll Services That Free Up Your Valuable Time

We offer you no-charge fees! It's something unique to our industry. You'll also appreciate the fact that we handle all the paperwork, wage garnishment, matching taxes and so much more. This frees you up to make more money for your company.

Unmatched Payroll Services

If you don't have insurance, Contractors Payroll Services will work on providing you with an exception without a carrier. We can also cover your company no matter how small it is. There are some providers that won't work with you if you have less than 10 employees!

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If you're committed to getting a quote, please fill out the questionnaire manually. We offer a complete packet that provides you with everything you need to know about becoming one of our new clients, including employee applications in both Spanish and English.
Please note that you must have a federal identification number for us to do business with you.

New Client Packet

Offering you trusted service with great rates. For more information, call
Our construction company specialists will take the time-consuming paperwork and additional stress off your plate!

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