Contractor Payroll

Professional Payroll Administration Services

Comprehensive Payroll Administration

Running your payroll is an unprofitable use of your time and resources. Turn to Contractors Payroll Services for comprehensive payroll administration that's designed to virtually eliminate all the overhead costs required when completing it yourself. We do everything in-house and we'll help you focus on your business.

Payroll Services and Tax Administration

  • $1,000,000 workers' compensation coverage
  • Claims management
  • Check processing
  • Federal unemployment tax filing
  • State unemployment tax filing
  • Social security taxes
Income tax

Our Wide Range of Payroll Services

  • Medicare taxes
  • Your company's matching taxes
  • Court-ordered wage garnishments administered
  • Child support
  • W-2 preparation
  • Custom year-end report
When you want the best in payroll services, call us at
Our workers' compensation insurance coverage is provided through an A plus- rated carrier!
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